Great fortune…

Day 364:

I finally made it to the gym. And after working out almost to the point of fainting, my great fortune brought me back to Ichifuku, a place that always feels like home.

Today I tried the Irori tsukemen instead of the Irori ramen.

With its thick hirauchi noodles, I may like the tsukemen better…

The darkness of the yolk and it’s distinct flavor leads me to suspect that an injection has taken place. Hmm…I might try that someday.

But wait, where are those crunchy thingy’s? There they are. She forgot to put them in my soup. I forgave her but she still won’t tell me what they are. Maybe a few more visits will get it out of her.

In one day it will be one year. I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all those that have stuck by me. Thank you! Now are you ready for the Tokyo Ramen Show?

3 Replies to “Great fortune…”

  1. Hi, I love your blog!

    I remember at some point you said your boss is from Fukuoka. I live in Fukuoka and was wondering if he also has a shop here?


  2. ah! I remember I wanted to try the Irori ramen at Ichifuku but I didn't have time =[ So much ramen, too little time. 1111!

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