TV time…

Day 367:

Just a reminder: Bassanova is now open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays!!

Here’s my newest creation, which I will call the Bassanova Black. It’s not for everyone. hahaha.

So tonight was Bassanova’s TV debut. You know, the one that momi directed. It featured four shops with Bassanova being the best of course. jk…well not really..haha. I’ll try and post the entire vid once I get my hands on a copy.

Look! There’s my hand!!!

Shuga is a sexy beast!

It was a busier night than usual, but thanks to my friends and fam for stopping by. At one point, everyone in the place was speaking English and I think Shuga was a little shocked. He kept saying ‘it feels like I’m in America.’ haha.

After work, we all went to Kurukuru to socialize. And then…cup ramen.

Someday Bassanova will have a cup ramen too…

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