moca tiime!!

Day 368:

I can’t remember the last time I hung out with moca. That’s how long it’s been. With our busy schedules and her anticipated move back to the States, it may be more than just months before we see each other again. So when she hit me up on chat and asked if I was free to ‘ketchup’ before work, I immediately hit save on my blog post and caught the subway to Shinjuku.

moca: what are you up to
 me: trying to blog
  but i’m too tired
  moca: haha
  im leaving for the us tmrw
  so thought we could ketchup
 me: so where shall we ketchup
 moca: shinjuku!
  me: are we going to eat ramen?
  moca: no!

‘We’ did not eat ramen, but I did…at Gifuya (岐阜屋) in Omoide Yokocho.

‘We’ did eat some gyoza though.


moca, it was fun ketchuping with you, even if it was for only a couple hours. Hopefully we’ll get to see each other a few more times before you move. My readers request your presence. haha.

3 Replies to “moca tiime!!”

  1. keiz, i kinda look crazy here. like i have a snaggle tooth and turn into a witch after midnight…but i guess thats not too far from the truth 😛

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