Beauty’s return…

Day 369:

It’s been an interestingly exhausting week to say the least. With the new kid frustrating the heck out of me yesterday, it was time to put him in check today. On my way to work I made a quick stop at Daiichigen for some Shrimp and Egg Ramen.


I’m not sure why, but here’s an up close view of Basa’s tsukemen noodles.

The best part of the night was the return of Misa Kuroki (黒木美早). At first I didn’t see her come in cuz I was in the back. But when I came out and saw her I couldn’t tell if it was really her. Then she looked up and we stared at each other for a few seconds and when she smiled with those dimples…the world stopped and flowers started to bloom. haha jk. But she was happy that I was still working here. She claims to have come because she missed the green curry. Yeah…sure. We all know she missed me.

I crack myself up.

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