Ramen reset…

Day 370:

Remember when you used to play video games with your friends and they would always hit reset because they were losing and then you’d do it back when you started to lose and the process would go on forever until you had to agree that the next game was final and no more resets? Sometimes I wish I had a ramen reset button. Anyway, I decided to go back to Ranchu to see if anything had changed. Sure enough I noticed a few subtle changes. Reset!

The now pinkish chashu resembled roast beef and reminded me of honey baked ham. Oh how I miss me some honey baked ham. Please send me some..thanks.

I’m not sure that the noodles match the soup anymore. I think a good chuuka soba like this needs something with a little bit more chew.

But the egg was magnificent.

Now I’m gonna show you something that few people ever get to see. The ramen you see below originates from…

…this! There’s no drain plug in this kama so you have to pile all the bones on one side in order to scoop out all the soup. Think you can handle it?

I thought so…

5 Replies to “Ramen reset…”

  1. Those images transitioning from bones-to-broth are probably my favorite I've seen in your blog. wow!


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