Nobo’s reward…

Day 371:

On this day off, I decided to stay in and get caught up with my posts. And I forced myself not to leave my apt until they were done. Well, it worked. Meanwhile, I think I found my new favorite pizza topping. Arabiki sausage!!

Then it was time to hang out and go eat ramen with Nobo. A couple months ago Nobo decided to be a man and quit smoking. So as a reward, I said I would buy him a bowl of ramen if he went at least a month without a single puff. Good job!

After picking me up, we decided to head to Jyanya (醤屋) in Sangenjaya. Not only is it the place where Shuga’s wife works, but it’s also the workplace of the girl that Shuga and his wife want to hook up with Nobo. haha. In a sense, I was his wingman tonight.

Jyanya used to be a fairly popular shop. They’ve even had instant versions of their ramen in stores a couple years back. This new branch just opened a few months ago and it seems to be doing quite well.

On this first visit (I’m pretty sure I’ll be back) I tried the most popular Shiro Ramen. With a blend of pork, chicken, and various fish products, it’s very light and refreshing. Hints of yuzu with the white shoyu base make it all that more interesting.

The noodles were pretty standard, taking a minute to cook, but they matched the soup very well.

Congrats Nobo. Keep it up!

And 頑張って!

As we were walking back to the car we spotted this dude making yakisoba out of his vw bus. Dude, we got to try that!

This is why I love Japan. Great food and great people anywhere you go. This guy was a crack up.

The salt yakisoba was delicious.

But the sauce yakisoba was bomb.

And back to basa we went. Boom looks like he’s gonna throw a bowl of ramen at someone. haha

I think Boom should have a blog too. Don’t you?

6 Replies to “Nobo’s reward…”

  1. Wow, i wish i could buy a bowls like at the last pic in Russia. (T__T)
    I'm so jealous to that bowls.

    World of ramen is so magnetic and awesome, but also so distant when you are not in Japan. Even buying a bowl or a simple kamaboko is a big problem.

    Sorry, my english is worst than overboiled eggs…

  2. Chizakaya is a new izakaya bar in Chicago that serves a “house ramen”. Harold (the chef) shows how he creates the ramen for a local tv program. Now you can see what Chicago has (and missing). The chef told me he would love to open a traditional ramen place with counter service. I hope there is truth to this statement.

  3. If things don't work out between Nobo and his blind date let me know! かっこいいですね!

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