Three thousand…

Day 373:

Someday I might eat three thousand bowls (if I haven’t already), but today I’ll just eat at San-Zen (麺処 三ZEN).

Their Buta-dashi Ramen is quite simply a Kyushu-style ramen with a creamy goodness.

They recommend adding the garlic mayu…so I did.

And it really enhanced the bowl x 3000. I wanted to take some home.

At the stroke of midnight, Shuga surprised me with a birthday present.

Thanks Shuga! You know me all too well now.

Afterwards, we stopped by Kuru Kuru to show our faces.

But I needed to go home and rest…

Big day tomorrow. Well, not that big but getting older is just so much fun. Thank you Pepper..for the song and everything else.

3 Replies to “Three thousand…”

  1. Garlic Mayu?
    what kind of garlic is this!?

    gahh.. you're making me drool.

    I might have to make a visit out there soon~!

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