Many wishes…

Day 374:

“It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.”
    – The Alchemist

I made many wishes today. I wished to start the day alone so I could savor a miraculous bowl of ramen at one of my favorite shops: Menya Shichisai. Unfortunately, I arrived during the only hour of the day that they close so they can prep for their transformation to Edoama (TOKYO味噌らーめん 江戸甘) at night. No worries. I had time to wait…

And wander around Toritsukasei thinking about my future. I’ve always been one to look forward to getting older. I’ve never really wished to be a kid again. Sure it would be fun to relive those special moments of growing up, but the thought of those special moments that I have yet to live are far more interesting.

Finally, it was time for a wish to come true.

The Edoama version of Menya Shichisai specializes in a miso ramen with a Tokyo/Kitakata flair that does more than strike up the band.

With an option to top it with “high collar” cheese, this ramen was nothing short of…

…a wish come true.

Then I wished to spend the rest of the night with my closest friends and family.

Where I made another wish. A wish that I will traditionally decline to share. 😛

Gotta thank the almighty rameniac for joining us as well.

Later, I wished to go to Bassanova. To celebrate the night with more friends and to share ideas about the future.

My family.

Thanks Boom!

Then we ramen-hopped our way to Nandenkanden where Mr. Nandenkanden himself treated us to a little celebration.

With free food and drinks.

I wished Darin would cheer up.

That’s better.

Thank you Kawahara-san.

And thanks to all my friends and family.

And a very special thanks to you for making all my birthday wishes come true!

6 Replies to “Many wishes…”

  1. happy brithday, man! wonder how you managed to put candles on a bowl of ramen– you KNOW you considered it! 😉

    best wishes


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