Day 377:

My first impression of Ryu-chan Yoshikibo (世界の龍ちゃんよしき坊) was not very good. But I apparently I ordered the wrong thing. This shop is actually amazing! And the owner is a character too. Just check out his website. He came into Bassanova one night and was really cool so I went to return the favor.

He’s such a fan of American cars and drag racing that he often goes to see them in LA at the Pomona Raceway. These are his cars. He insisted that they go on the blog. haha.

We have a lot in common. And he would love to open a ramen shop in America someday. Perhaps I could help…

On to the food. There’s plenty of items that you won’t see on the menu. And these items are typically reserved for the locals that frequent his shop. Since I live only a few blocks away and because he seemed to like me, I was given the privilege of trying some of these items. Sweet! Like this chashu kabayaki-don. Wow!

And his special tan-tan men. I got it a little spicier than normal. It was bomb.

The noodles could have been better but I was just happy to get special access to his backyard menu.

And he was such a cool guy that he gave me his recipe for the kabayaki-don sauce. Seriously! How cool was that! So of course I had to make it when I got to work. This sauce was great, but I need to buy a torch!

Fat noodles are your friend.

Guess where we ended up after work? Again…


It’s bright outside.

Time to go home…

3 Replies to “Yoshikibo…”

  1. Hi Keizo, have you tried the Yoshimaru chain of Hakata tonkotsu ramen? What do you make of it?

    There are two Yoshimaru franchise outlets in Singapore, which are run by the local Jumbo seafood restaurant chain.

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