Roosters and sardines…

Day 380:

It was one of those days…those days where the ramen stars weren’t aligned and everywhere I tried to go to was closed. Thus, I ended up eating lunch at a nearby soba shop that seemed to be reserved for locals only. Luckily, I was a local and it was time to let that be known.

I ordered the udon and curry rice set.

Ohh the udon was fantastic. It’s good to know that a shop like this exists only a few steps from my apt.

Anyway, here’s a picture of some niboshi. You’ll see why later.

Dad was back in town and so was Dragon. And as one would expect, dad insisted on having Chee-chan take a picture with him.

I guess I can’t really argue. I probably would have done the same.

Shuga’s newest creation: spicy negi meshi!

After work, it was time to meet some friends at the Tori no Ichi (酉の市) fair at a shrine in Shinjuku.

That’s where I found a ramen burger stand from Kitakata.

And you know I had to try it.

Aside from falling apart and tasting more like yakisoba, it wasn’t that bad. But I bet Bassanova’s ramen burger from back in the day was way better.

Anyhow, the Torinoichi festival is always held in November and it’s mostly a festival to ensure that businesses have a good year.

Special bamboo rakes are sold and they are said to symbolize prosperity in business. A friend of ours ending up buying mini ones for everyone.

And a slightly bigger (and more expensive) one for himself. ありがとう!There are many different food vendors surrounding the temple and I encourage you to check it out. Perhaps next year?

By the time we left the shrine, we were all hungry again and decided to go for some ramen at Nagi (新宿煮干ラーメン 凪) in Golden-gai.

When we got there, we started chatting with one of the guests as were we waiting for a seat. And after a few minutes of ramen talk I was like “Wait, are you the owner of Nagi?” Then he says “Well, I guess you can call me the boss.” Holy crap! It was Satoshi Ikuta in the flesh!! Awesome!

Time for some niboshi ramen!

This ramen is a heavy, niboshi-rich bowl. If you don’t like sardines, you may want to stay away. Or it may change the way you think of them for the better. The soup is something like 90% niboshi and the rest chicken.

Also in the bowl is what they call Noodle Sashimi (麺のお刺身). It’s like a really, really long wonton skin.

As you can tell, I was satisfied…completely.

The ramen stars had finally aligned…

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