Spicy negi…

Day 381:

I woke up, got ready for work, then realized I went home by taxi last night and left my bike at Honancho Station. Dammit! haha. Oh well, time to say hi to my friends at Tenhou.

Having eaten most of the ramen on the menu, it was time to try the Spicy Negi Ramen for the first time. Honestly, this was a darn good bowl.

It could have been a little spicier but it’s spiciness mixed with the tonkotsu was very pleasing.

And as always, I got a free dessert. I think it might be time for a Bassanova/Tenhou party soon.

New ramen mag! すごいラーメン2011! This one is actually one of my favorite annual publications. But they never include Bassanova. Maybe next year…

Aside from the new shops that are featured every year, I often wonder how the same shops stay in these mags year after year. Some are good, but some aren’t. I don’t want to say it, but there must be some money involved…But what do I know…

One Reply to “Spicy negi…”

  1. Unfortunately, “pay-to-play” is much more widespread than anybody would wish.
    There are other printed magazines in Japan, even English-language ones, which are cohabiting with their advertisers. It is not good, but it is as it is. 3=/

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