Sweet poetry…

Day 384:

I missed my nieces. I miss them being two minutes away from me. But so is life and I’ve become accustomed to change. Anyway, I went to go visit them today and at the same time scoped out the ramen shops in their new hood. Another Taishoken (大勝軒 代々木上原店) lies nearby and like all the others there’s nothing similar except for the name.

This Taishoken was more like a Chinese restaurant. In all there were about 30 different types of ramen on the menu as well as several non-ramen dishes. (For the record, there will not be a Taishoken Challenge.) The picture of Gomoku Ramen had a star on it, so that’s what I went with.

Not bad. Someday I’d like to uncover the mystery and hidden relationships (if there are any) of the all the Taishoken shops.

Time for some sweets!


And cream puffs.


My sis made some delicious chicken gratin, but I could only have a bite.

For I was meeting a poet

For dinner…

And a few drinks.

Then meeting up with THE rameniac

For a midnight snack.

Happy birthday Stan!

2 Replies to “Sweet poetry…”

  1. Recommend the gyoza and the tsukesoba (they get mad when you call it tsukemen!) at the Uehara Taishoken, by far the best things on the menu.

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