UC preeminence…

Day 388:

The Fall colors have finally arrived, but to me it already feels like Winter.

Today is my day off, but I received an email from a fan who was visiting from New York saying that they dropped off a gift for me at the shop. Apparently, they’ve been paying attention. Thank you so much Russ!!

The new Ramen Walker magazine also arrived.


Then it was time to feed my ramen soul. I passed by Menya Kushu (麺屋 九秀) earlier today after my workout and it was closed, but I decided to go back when they opened.

So I could try their Agodashi (flying fish) Tsukemen.

Very fishylicious.

Then it was back to basa to meet up with the UC kids. What up!! They will soon be going back to cali, but not before packing the basa house!

Jordan and Calvin have been here the most and are probably responsible for spreading the basa word to their friends. (Mad props!)

But a very special thanks has to go out to Jaimie. She’s been following my blog for awhile now and she was the first to email me and get everyone to visit Bassanova in the first place. Thanks Jaimie!!

Study hard and let your dreams guide you through life. And if life gets too tough, there will always be a bowl of green curry soba awaiting your return. 頑張って!

See you in cali!!

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