Day 390:

Another early morning. Perfect for some shoyu, egg, and rice with a fat piece of ham..I mean chashu.

So this is how the story goes. Brian was asked to do a TV show after some other well-known chef backed out. And of course, being that we’re good friends, he brought them to Bassanova. Thanks BMac!

And after they interviewed Brian, they even interviewed me.

I was hella nervous and really butchered my Japanese, but they were very interested in our stories. Regardless if I make the final cut or not, it was a fun experience.

The reporter even let us take a picture with her, which is very rare. Thank you Imanaka-san!

So if you’re in Japan on December 2nd and awake around 7am, tune into Nihon Terebi (channel 4) to watch Brian (and maybe me) on ズームイン!!SUPER. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a copy to show you guys, but no guarantees. Regardless, I’ll try to get a taping.

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