The formula…

Day 392:

I woke up feeling like it was gonna be a good day. For it is payday and my day off. So like most days off, it started off with a visit to the gym and a nearby ramen shop. Nejishiki (ねじ式) in Hatagaya, just steps from Hototogisu, is a new shop barely even two months old.

The shop is run by Kenji Ota, but when it gets crazy he calls upon his army of little masked men.

There are 3 options: Ramen, Tsukemen, and a junk-style Mazesoba (hear that Brian). And with toppings like garlic butter or cheese mayo, things can get very interesting. I decided to keep it simple and opted for the 特Ramen.

Woah! Heavily marinated ground pork.

The noodles are fat and take long to cook, but it’s worth the wait.

If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s like a high-class-Jiro-kei-geared-for-the-country-clubs ramen. おしゃれでしょう?


So I had this idea of putting all the ramen shops I’ve slurped at during year one into a photo book. Would you buy a copy? I originally wanted to have it finished by christmas, but we’ll see.

Then of course it was time for dinner at Bassanova.

Where some crazy (but awesome) regulars started buying me drinks.

And we had a blast just messing around.

Right Boom?

It was…a good day.

7 Replies to “The formula…”

  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now. I check almost everyday for a new update, and enjoy all the pics as well.

    I'd definitely buy a copy of the book.

  2. What I envision is something simple. An english version of すごいラーメン would be ideal but i don't have the time nor money to do something like that. Feel free to provide sponsorship if that's what you want. 😉
    But for now, I guess I'll just work on a crappy photobook. 🙂

  3. “Would you buy a copy?”

    Depends on the production: If it just pictures thrown into one of the crappy photobook templates that come with iPhoto and the like: No.

    But if it's like an english version of すごいラーメン i would likely want to get it IF it provides info exceeding what's available online. I mean: If I just get exactly the same thing I can get on supleks– why would I spend money for that?

    So, what would i want: Detailed info on the dishes, info on the shops, as well as were the chef worked before. exactly what kind of soup? exactly what kind of noodles? stuff like that. also wouldn't hurt to have some indices and tables. =)

  4. You should totally pitch this book idea. It would make a great coffee table sort of deal. You already have all the pictures and reviews! I would definitely buy it.

  5. I would pick up the book. Definitely throw in the address and a quick description of the particular ramen for each location. It will be like a “ramen manual” for people visiting Tokyo haha

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