Day 393:

It’s been a few months since I woke up feeling this good. And this relaxed. So as I walked to the station to pick up my bike from where I left it the night before, I decided it was time to go to Taisho and say hi to pops.

Pops’ shoyu ramen is like a poem without words. It’s like staring at a blank piece of paper that speaks for itself. Don’t know what I mean? Don’t worry, cuz I don’t either. It’s just a ramen that really eases the soul.

Pops’ chahan is among the better ones that I’ve had too.

SPA! came by Bassanova today to interview us and take pictures of our ramen. From what I understood, Bassanova is gonna be included on a list of the top 20 places to eat in Tokyo. Woah!

And SPA! is not just a local magazine either. It’s nationwide!

Now this one is sure to be interesting…

2 Replies to “SPA!”

  1. lol! pop's is located in shimokitazawa. from the inokashira west exit make a right and walk along that street and you'll see it on your left.

  2. keizo, you have better food in one day then I get all year! lol…
    what part of town is Pop's located?

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