Day 395:

I woke up this morning in a state of delirium. My head hurt, my body ached, and I had a bad case of the shivers. Whatever was ailing me last night sure seemed to have gotten worse. So after wrestling with my comforter for the entire morning, I decided to go see doc. It turned out my temperature was a whopping 39.1°C (102.4°F), which prompted them to quarantine me in this little box.

Luckily, it wasn’t the flu and just the common cold. But I still felt like crap.

And this mabo ramen only slightly helped.

For the first time ever, I couldn’t even finish my tsukemen at work. Yeah, I was pretty sick and it was probably the hardest day of work so far.

But I made it through the night…somehow.

2 Replies to “Fever…”

  1. Hope you're feeling better Keizo! I just got over a long lingering cold myself last month.
    Hey I need to know Bassa's early year schedule. I'll be in Tokyo beginning of January and want to visit yo. 🙂

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