All nothing…

Day 396:

I woke up feeling a lot better this morning and my temperature had pretty much returned to normal. And although my body still ached from suffering the night before, I knew tonight wouldn’t be so bad. So on my way to work I stopped by the recently reopened Zenbei (ぜんべい). You might remember them being in Sasazuka Station. Well, Sasuzuka Station is being remodeled so they relocated just a few minutes down from Bassanova at the intersection of Kannana and Inokashira-dori. You might say I was scoping out the competition.

But there is no competition here. The only thing that really benefits Zenbei is the price. At 450yen for a bowl of shoyu ramen, it’s cheap.

I might have referenced it before, but it reminded me of a slightly better version of instant ramen.

The gyoza were a disappointment as well. They looked good, but they weren’t exactly cooked all the way through. Yes, the middle was still cold and that’s a big no-no. Rather than complain, I just ate as fast as I could and left.

So I could detox with a bowl of green curry. Ahhh…

Time to rush home and get on skype…

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