The ramen piano man…

Day 397:

Guess where I went again? Yup. And this time I got to take a look at the 裏メニュー (back menu). Not everyone gets to take a look at this, but thanks to the magic of blogging (and Jake-san’s permission of course) you all get special access! So if you ever end up going, mention my blog and ask Jake-san for the menu. He’ll gladly let you choose from it. I had a tough time deciding between Miso Curry Ramen and Okinawa Soba, but finally chose to leave the Miso Curry for next time.

I always wondered why places write it as Okinawa Suba (すば) and not Soba (そば). So I asked Jake and he said it’s because only certain types of noodles can be classified as soba so they write it differently. Ah, I guess that makes sense since it’s not really soba. Anyway, he brought out his torch again and started toasting the fish powder in a little soup to bring out more of it’s flavor.

And indeed did it bring out more flavor.

Aside from his chashu being ヤバイ, this was a very light and refreshing salt-flavored soup with a hint of yuzu and loads of yappari-umai. (Sorry BMac, I stole your line hahah.) It was much more flavorful than the neighboring Syuri Seimen.

Speaking of Syuri Seimen, Jake-san actually uses their noodles in this Okinawa Soba.

Hey look! I found Nemo!!

The best part about this ramen shop (aside from the ramen) is that Jake-san, also being a professional pianist, has a fully functional piano hidden under the counter where he cooks, opposite from the counter with the fish tank where you eat. If you’re lucky, he might even play you a song while you slurp. This ramen piano man is definitely one-of-a-kind.

Just check out his wheels! ahaha awesome!

Jake-san, 何時もありがとうございます!

3 Replies to “The ramen piano man…”

  1. @JS: Yeah that's the guy! haha. It's called souki soba if there is souki in it. souki is the kakuni-like piece of tender pork that you'll most often see in okinawa soba.

    @calimike: Yeah that's him!

  2. Oh, that's the guy with that little electric car??? Pretty funny…I see him trolling around the neighborhood. BTW, Okinawa soba is called souki soba right?

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