The light…

Day 400:

I can see it. Can you? 400 and counting…

There’s nothing like biting into a fresh donut early in the morning.

harritts in Yoyogi-Uehara has some of the best around and this cream cheese donut will melt you as it melts in your mouth.

I think I can get used to my brother’s new hood. Yamate Bekkan (山手 別館) is only a few blocks from his door.

It was the first time I ever saw a ticket machine where you have to punch in the number of the corresponding item from the menu above. Luckily I watched someone use it before me, otherwise I may have ordered the wrong thing.

Anyway, I heard their Tomato Ramen was good. You say tomato, I say tomato. Uhh, I guess that doesn’t work unless you hear it. haha.

This is definitely the best tomato ramen I’ve had so far. The noodles are pasta-like and the soup sort of tastes like minestrone. It’s much more than just a soupy spaghetti.

What really surprised me were how white the menma were. They actually looked even whiter in person than the pic below.

Later, while browsing through my local market, I came up with a bright idea.

Instead of milk or water, I used our tonkotsu soup to make this clam chowder and then added some noodles to make clam chowder ramen.

Brilliant! Seriously, it wasn’t bad at all.

The light is bright…

9 Replies to “The light…”

  1. OK. I'm not a vegetarian. I'm merely listed as “Kosher” on my airline frequent flyer profiles because I had one too many ham, egg, & cheese muffins served on morning flights. [Although, yes – I do call ahead to get the special Kosher meals on my flights to | from Japan. The Kosher cuisine returning to the USA is from a kitchen in Victoria, Australia.]
    I'd eat Keizo's clam chowder ramen. 3=D)

  2. Most of the clam chowder recipes I've seen start with renering bacon and sauteing the onion and celery in the bacon fat. I think Keizo's tonkotsu broth would take it to the next level!

  3. @pudgym29 – I live in the SF Bay Area which probably has an above average % of Vegans & Vegetarians. Trust me, neither will eat clam chowder because it has seafood 😉 Doubly bad for Vegans because of the dairy. Pescatarians (Vegetarian + Seafood diet) will eat clam chowder.

    BTW, the numbers aren't that large. A study by the Vegetarian Resource Group found that just 2.3% of US adults consider themselves Vegetarian and 1.4% Vegan

  4. @jeesung:
    Here in North America, there is a strong strain of people who describe themselves as vegetarian or vegan [pronounced vee-gahn]. These people decline to eat any form of meat. In some instances, they will not eat most ramen because of the dried bonita flakes. Here is an archived article from Japanzine magazine mentioning how seemingly difficult it is to find vegetarian cuisine in Japan. {Actually, it is only a review of one such restaurant. But I recall an issue of Japanzine from December 2005 which had a longer story about it.}

    But clam chowder is a dish they will eat. That is, until they learn that Keizo has made his with pork. ;=})

  5. @pudgym29: i'm not sure i understand your train of thought. i love clam chowder and have never considered whether it has meat or pork in it. it just tastes good 🙂

  6. It sounds delicious. But excuse me for believing that part of clam chowder's popularity is that it doesn't have pork (or any meat) in its composition.

    There must be a World-Wide Web site out here (if it's Japanese – I can settle for a machine translation) which annotates what is each optional ingredient in a ramen.
    I have no idea what each of those ¥100 options are. Which kanji is the soft-boiled egg? Which is garlic? ;=)}

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