Day 402:

The fever felt like it was returning, so I headed back to Ryu-chan for a remedy.

I had heard the Miso Curry Ramen can do wonders for colds.

It was magical, to say the least. Easily my new favorite out of all the ones I had here so far.

Inspired by the miso-curry-milk ramen made famous in his hometown, Jake-san set out to create something similar, yet better.

Throw in some rice after you finish all the noodles and your meal is complete. ご馳走様でした。

Although it was my day off, I went to meet Calvin and Jordan for their last visit to Bassanova as they passed the torch to Chris and Shohei. Have a safe trip home fellas!

Check out what came in the mail!! Sweet!

For dinner, I went to a place in Okinawa Town that Jake-san had recommended. With only six seats in the entire restaurant, all taken, we were shown to the vip room in the back. Actually, it was the staff room. haha.

There’s nothing like some fresh fish semen (白子) with a beer.

Jake-san was right. This place is bomb. If you ever find yourself in Okinawa Town craving some fresh sashimi for cheap, definitely go here. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name, but I’m sure you’ll notice it when you walk by. With only six seats it’s hard to miss.

I returned to Bassanova one more time tonight to meet up with Michael and Momi. It was good to see Michael again.

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