Day 403:

Working the lunch shift with Max is always…interesting. For he is some character. But today he was on his best behavior since his grandma paid us a visit and left us some fresh tamagoyaki from Tsukiji.

Known mainly for the fish market, Tsukiji is also famous for tamagoyaki. It is there where you can find some of the best on this planet.

After work, it was off to Nakano to see my old friend Jiraigen and to introduce a friend of moca’s to my world of ramen.

I personally think their move to Nakano was a bad idea. Ambience-wise and flavor-wise, it’s just not the same.

I, for one, wish Jiraigen never left Izumi.

After a brief tour of Nakano Broadway and listening to the street performers entertain, it was time to head back.

Although nobody will really ever be able to replace moca, I think I may have found someone capable. Who is she? Well if you ask, she’ll probably say callmelisaj.

Is Christmas really just around the corner?

Well, I got one of my presents early: 黒木美早. ahahaha.

Anyway, I had a meeting with some “professionals.” And learned a very important lesson: I am not a professional.

It’s just me and my macaroons…

4 Replies to “Replacements…”

  1. Love the posts with cute girls! Welcome, callmelisaj! Looking forward to more of your appearances…..

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