Day 405:

After waking up to watch my team get clobbered once again…

It was time for some of the best natto chahan I’ve ever had.

For lunch, a visit to Yoyogi-Uehara Gogyo (代々木上原 五行) was in order.

I originally wanted to do a comparison to their Nishi-Azabu branch, but I got suckered into trying the limited-time Soymilk Ramen (豆乳麺).

Like the sign said, it was very creamy. And Ippudo’s tonkotsu soup really made it shine.

It was excellent.

A soymilk ramen done proper.

But I wasn’t exactly in the mood for it. From now on, the kogashi-miso will be the way to go.

Or some burnt-garlic-green-curry-soba.

Burnt is always better.

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