Just not enough…

Day 406:

I am easy to please. Sometimes all it takes is a simple bowl to satisfy my ramen heart. Daiichigen (代一元) in Sasazuka (no relation to the Izumi one) is a bowl that can satisfy, but there is still just not enough…

The gyoza’s are handmade and never frozen and although they are delicious, there is still just not enough…

An early evening spent along the Odakyu Line prompted a spontaneous visit to Ivan Ramen Plus.

I originally wanted to go to the Rokakoen location to see Kurai-san, but, to my surprise, Kurai-san was working at this location. Haha yeah!

No Ivan this time around, so let’s see if anything has changed.

This all-dashi ramen is delicious. And to say that it is ‘just not enough’ would be overdoing it, but I still feel like there is something missing. I also felt like the noodles were a bit flavorless and didn’t grasp the true essence of this wonderful broth.

The caramel-ginger ice cream, on the other hand, is perfect. It even prompted the person sitting next to me to say that Ivan’s next shop should be an ice cream shop.

Later, I went back to Heaven’s Door to relax and think about how I was going to organize my book.

But I kept getting distracted, in a good way. (I can’t believe xmas is so close.)

So I headed over to Darin’s place to help suck on his expensive Kumamoto melons. Thanks D!

And on my way home, I learned what to do when you take the train after getting too drunk. But I was too drunk sober to understand.

This day was fun, but something about it just wasn’t enough…

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