An incredible egg…

Day 409:

The earlier I start my day, the earlier I can finish. I had GCP (green curry prep) duty today and I was determined to finish in time to meet up with some friends. But first I had some shopping to do for basa and Hanaya (支那そば 華屋) was on my route. This shop is run by all middle-aged ladies that are super nice. Perhaps that is why the broth was so sweet. Almost too sweet.

This Hanaya-soba was an average bowl with Taishoken-like noodles, but it still warmed me up for the cool winter breeze blowing outside. If I go back, it probably wouldn’t be for the ramen.

GCP done! 終了!Time to hit the alps!

As always, it got crazy around us pretty quick.

And a beer flood rushed through our table.

But we managed to make last train–a rarity.

And I was given an egg–an incredible egg.

An incredibly expensive egg.

An incredibly amazing egg.

紗織…thank you.

4 Replies to “An incredible egg…”

  1. @matthew: will try to include a complete glossary with everything you would like to know about ramen. happy new year!

    @bernd and @jeesung: i'll be visiting the shop where my friend got me the egg soon so stay tuned!

  2. I know you posted on twitter and/or here or somewhere – just not finding it so I'm answering here – about your possible planned book – yes, good idea & please include glossary . is sort of one on your web site, just want more!!

    thanks for great blog & happy good holidays
    (i've visited friend in Japan & seen how it sort of is just 1 quick day – for western xmas, but still, the overall season was great)

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