Basa bounenkai!

Day 412:

It was finally the day for our bounenkai (忘年会), a traditional year-end party to forget all about the bad stuff that happened over the year. But before we could get started, we had to wait for Big Boss. So as usual, we ended up killing time over a bowl of ramen. This time at the recently opened Rishin (らーめん 莉心).

The Negi Miso Ramen was full of flavor.

And the konekuri noodles were extremely white and surprisingly good.

The look on Boom’s face says it all.

The Pa-ko Shoyu Ramen is also not bad.

And it proved to be a good tune up to prepare us for the night.

And now…


Not everyone could make it out tonight, but Toru and Nobo never fail to join us.

And big ups to Big Boss for rescuing us tonight.

As you may have guessed, a night filled with plenty of food and drinks always ends with a final bowl of ramen.

Menshou Taketora (麺匠 竹虎) was the perfect place to wait for first train.

We got our own private ramen room to relax.

And from what I remember, the ramen was pretty decent.

But what do I know.

I just like eating the stuff and these pictures are making me super hungry.

So I ended up making first train, but I feel asleep and ended up passing my station. lol. Oh well, walking home was fun. At least I got to say hello to the rising sun.

That’s all I can remember…

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