Sweet sesame balls…

Day 415:

Starting the day with a green tea donut is a must!

And on this rather warm winter day, I was in the mood for some tsukemen from Gamushara.

It looked and smelled good.

And it even had a hot-rock in the soup from the beginning. Be sure to remove it before slurping though.

The shoyu-based soup has a very strong hint of ginger and lotus root and there are so many flavors trying to grab attention that it’s difficult to really grasp what it’s trying to do. The noodles are fantastic, but I will stick to the ramen from now on.

When you ask for soup-wari you get another hot-rock. Whatever you do, don’t put it in your mouth.

You know it’s a good day when someone drops off some sweet sesame balls for you and your coworkers.

Yeah, it was a good day…

2 Replies to “Sweet sesame balls…”

  1. I like to read these posts in order, so as I was scrolling down to the earliest new post I saw the rock and thought it was a huge black truffle! Instead, it's a simple bowl of “Stone Soup”. Remember that story?

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