A strange xmas…

Day 418:

Merry Christmas! Santa gave me a hangover. So I needed a cure.

But while I ate this delicious bowl of ramen.

My bike was being stolen. Yes, my bike was stolen on Christmas. I never liked that bike, but it still felt like a piece of me was taken. Oh well it’s Christmas. Surely somebody needed my bike more than me.

So when I finally made it to work, Boom had gave us these hats. They are awesome! haha.

And at least I got to make some new friends. Yean Hong and Chen Ni came all the way from Malaysia to try Bassanova. There’s nothing strange about that!

But afterwards, someone at the restaurant upstairs tried to flush a clam down the toilet. Needless to say, it didn’t flush very far and soon our bathroom became a rain forest.

That’s when shugarilla got mad and set everyone straight. Whatever you do, you do not want to get shugarilla mad. Trust me.

The night ended with a special visitor who brought me a special gift which made up for all the things that happened on this strange day. Thank you…

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