Catching up…

Day 421:

I’ve been finding it harder to catch up lately. With my family, with my friends, and even this blog. But I’m trying. And I can’t remember the last time Brian and I grabbed a legit bowl together so today was to be the day we caught up. Where else but to meet in Shinjuku. Shuga also wanted to join us as we were both up early taking care of some basa chores.

I’ve been to Harumichi (俺の麺 春道) before, but it’s always been on my list to go back. The tsukemen is top billing, but what about their ramen?

Thick. Much like their tsukemen, the triple blended tonkotsu-tori-gyoukai soup is rich and filling.

I recommend! But be warned that it may sit in your stomach for hours.

The noodles are the same as the tsukemen. I would like to see them try something a little thinner though.

The egg is totally worth it.

FYI: Harumichi will be moving across the street to this location next week. This should be good cuz their current location is way too compact.

What time is it? Time for a pizza party…

Then back to basa for some ramen sightseeing.

Oh what a beautiful sight…

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