Cleaning day…

Day 423:

I needed to get my shoulder fixed (we don’t need to get into it now), so I headed to the only clinic that was open. That’s where I met my new friend.

Today is the last day that Bassanova will be open in 2010 so I had to get my fix of green curry before we closed.

And my friends from Shikoku had the same idea. みさちゃん、また来てくれてありがとう。I also had a special visitor from one of my favorite blogs that I’ve been following for years now. It was great to finally meet you Dennis!

After running out of soup just after midnight, we began our night of endless cleaning. Thanks to DNo for helping out! And thanks to all our assistants as well!

Otoshidama! Haha.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Try, try again.

Thanks to all that visited Bassanova this year! We open back up on the 7th. See you then!

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