Sayonara DNo!

Day 427:

Tokyo just won’t be the same without you.

With DNo gone, BMac called me up to go grab a bowl in Ikebukuro. Having already tried King Kong earlier in the week, Brian wanted to check out the shop next door which had a line twice as long.

Mamiana (馳走麺 狸穴) is another new tsukemen shop on the scene serving another bowl of gyokai-based tsukemen.

Yeah this stuff is good, but someone needs to take it up a notch cuz they’re all starting to taste similar to me.

Anyway, the noodles here were great.

And the chashu was tender and fat.

But the sweet hanjuku egg was the star.

The yuzu added when asking for soup-wari was a nice touch, but I might lay off these thick gyokai broths for awhile.

It was cold outside. So what better than to stay inside and cook up some kimchi nabe. We planned on ending it with kimchi ramen, but we were too full. Perhaps tomorrow.

Seriously though, I’m gonna miss my best friend…

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