A lavish feast…

Day 428: Part 1

An invitation awaited and soon I was experiencing a lavish meal at one of the finer Sichuan restaurants in the city. For Sen Goku Shi (川国志) is a favorite among friends and I was the lucky guest for the evening.

With a few sips of some 10-year-old Shokoshu to cleanse the palate, the feast was ready to begin.

Pickled cabbage.

Pig tongue and cucumbers.

Pea sprouts.


Peppered spare ribs.

Asparagus shrimp. I instantly fell in love with this dish.

Mabo Tofu. Hot!

A special ‘off the menu’ garlic beef dish.

Handmade gyoza.

And now time for the main event: SuRaTanmen aka Hot & Sour Ramen.

By far the best SuRaTanmen I’ve eaten in Tokyo. I will definitely be back for more.

Thank you for spoiling me.

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