Day 430:

After a week off, Boom and Shuga (or Booga as I like to call them when they’re together) were back in Tokyo and it was time to get reunited.  After some prep at Bassanova and a little taste-testing of a fresh batch of soup…

It was izakaya time!

We were also joined by Kimura-san and Mozya…as well as my assistant. As you can see, ramen is written all over her face.

Anyway, we ate…and drank.

And played with Shuga’s eyelashes.

Then ate some ramen.

And the rest of the night…

was awesome!

3 Replies to “Basaunion…”

  1. green curry + ichiran noodles.

    did i mention i like ichiran — ja, i know. it probably doesn't get more non-artisan than that, but every once in a while we all eat mc or krispy kreme. also ichiran is always open.

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