Master Noodle!

Day 434:

Two days ago, I got a call from Brian at noon that went something like this:

bmac: yo! what ya doing?
me: sleeping.
bmac: my bad. you know hide-chan ramen? the one with the shop in new york?
me:  yeah
bmac: well i’m in omotesando right now and they’re doing a collabo with some clothing brand called mastermind japan.
me: oh yeah?
bmac: it’s 3000 yen tho…but you get to keep the bowl! i’m in line right now, u wanna come?
me: hellz yeah! but **** i gotta get therapy on my shoulder soon.
bmac: well they’re doing it for 3 days so you should go check it out.
me: fo sho!

So on I went on the third and final day after corralling Shuga and Nobo. But there was one problem. The bowl for the “Japan Black” was sold out and the bowl for the “Japan Cool” was on the verge of selling out. So we were warned.

We could still order the “Japan Black” for 1000 yen without the bowl, but the three of us didn’t want to leave without a bowl and decided to take our chances with the “Japan Cool”, even though we all wanted to try the black. The cool was an all vegetable based broth with several vegetable toppings. It was surprisingly impressive.

This may have been a blessing because I didn’t really enjoy Hide’s tonkotsu in the past. There’s no doubt tho that Hide himself is a mastermind. He knows how to work it.

Topped with fresh avocado, eggplant, sweet potato, and more, this salt-based broth really blew my mind. I am now a fan.

When I’m on my deathbed, this is the bowl I would use to eat my last ramen.

Speaking of blessings, we got the last three bowls!!! Hellz yeah!

But since the ramen had no meat and we were still hungry, I persuaded the guys to head across the street to Kua ‘Aina to get a burger. Finally, a quality burger.

Back at Bassanova, I created a new yuzu pepper ramen. ikeru! haha.

Who’s the master now??… bwahhahaha.

10 Replies to “Master Noodle!”

  1. @MRatito: i know! but they wouldn't let us order both.

    @Michaela: Thanks!

    @KFP: it was bomb!

    @Sammy6000: you did? oh man i didn't get it. thanks tho!

    @Kasia: Thank you!! I'll get to work on a vege ramen for ya.

    @J: Yeah the avocado was…interesting.

    @Gen: haha. will do!

    @PudgyM29: good idea!

    @heller66: thanks I'll try to check that out too.

  2. You ate at Kua'Aina? Oh, OK. You should have ordered the glass of Kona Brwg.'s Longboard Lager with the hamburger.
    Burger Mania probably hasn't heard of Kona Brwg. !=))

  3. Very interesting combination.
    I'm a bit skeptical, however, of the place of the avocado in this bowl…(and I love avocado!)

    Killer bowl though!!!


  4. Hi Keizo 🙂

    Nice post as always 🙂

    Was that one ramen at the top accidentally vegetarian? Or was it a fish or meat based broth with a lot of vegetables?

    If you want Big Ramen World Domination, then you should have at least one fully vegetarian (=no fish, no meat, no chicken) ramen hiding somewhere on the special menu :o) …is this even possible?

    You have a great blog, I always look forward to reading the next post. Especially since I will likely never manage to go to Japan in my entire life. I would like to eat real ramen at least once, sadly, I was forced to become a vegetarian (not really important why, all what matters is that I cannot digest animal protein anymore) before I could sample any. All I know are instant veggie ramen :p

    All I can see from the photos and videos in your blog is that those soups+noodles are damn well made 🙂

    Greetings from Poland (that's in Europe, on the other side of the Earth looking from Japan)

  5. I sent you an email about this about 2 weeks ago. Things often get blocked from China though :^(

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