Following the signs…

Day 435:

If you see a pink sign with this 酒 symbol, remember it. I have one down the street from me and since it was my day off I decided to stock up.

And look who I found working there. Chee-chan!!

Anyway, the assistant and I were walking to the nearest station to hop on a train and go try a famous tsukemen shop, but on the way there we noticed a sign full of pictures from my blog. Jake-san from Ryu-chan Ramen apparently printed out screenshots of my blog, laminated them, and posted them on signs near Daitabashi Station. How cool is that?!

So instead of trying that famous tsukemen shop, the assistant insisted we go see Jake-san. And so we did.

She got the Shio Ramen with plenty of spice.

And I got the Miso Curry Ramen…again.

After all, it is one of my faves.

And everyone agrees that this Kabayaki-don is ヤバいっす!!!

Ramen Racing Team? Hmm…I kinda like the sound of that.

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