Kebab Tsukemen??

Day 436:

While browsing the ramendb for new shops, I came across Cafe Ivy near Meidaimae Station.

It’s owned by a Turkish guy…

who makes some outstanding kebabs…

but what intrigued me most was the Kebab Tsukemen. Kebab Tsukemen?!?!

A tori-paitan-based gem with kebab spices to delight, this tsukemen was extremely impressive. And I urge you to give it a try.

Later at work, Shuga made his signature chinjaorosu and I gave it a test drive in our ramen. By whipping it up in a wok with our wadashi soup, it may just make it onto our backyard menu.

Time for a walk…

From big belly to upper belly…

Dang that was cold.

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