Juiced up…

Day 437:

I mentioned before that I’ve been having problems with my shoulder. It’s been three weeks and the pain just hasn’t gone away. Anyway, today was green curry paste prep day and I had the short shift. So in order to make my afternoon appt, I started at 11am. But first I needed to fuel up with this roasted negi niku meshi.

After 5 hours of constant mixing it was time to go see doc. And that’s when he recommended I get a steroid shot to help my shoulder heal quicker. Steroid? Really? Does that mean I’ll be disqualified for the ramen olympics? In any case, I took his advice and got the shot. It felt better instantly, but the wooziness called for a bowl of ramen. As luck would have it, while walking through the shotengai in Sasazuka I came upon a fairly new ramen shop called Rian (麺 りあん).

The owner of Rian grew up near Mt. Takao and he takes pride in using fresh ingredients from his hometown. His specialties are a renkon (lotus root) tsukemen and a chee-yu (chicken oil) ramen. Like most days, I went with the ramen.

The flavor was nice and light with freshness gleaming throughout. I’m a fan of chicken oil and I would enjoy this bowl again without a doubt.

Working the lunch shift has its perks.

It gives me time to spend a night with friends.

And try new things like this Tom Yum Ramen from Baankirao in Shimokitazawa.

Then back to basa we go…

The assistant loves basa…as she should!

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