Day 439:

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration. Something to just trigger the mind and let it ambitiously create.

As you all know, I’m a fan of shoyu ramen. And creating a great shoyu ramen would be my dream. With hopes of creating a Wakayama-style tonkotsu-shoyu ramen someday, I set out to creat a tare with only my imagination to guide me. Surprisingly, it worked. It actually tasted really good. Although I know I could do better, this was pretty sweet!

And now I give you a ramen that was made entirely by a good friend of mine. He’d rather not have me reveal his name until he perfects it, but I say that this bowl was pretty darn amazing.

An entirely chicken and dashi based ramen with lightly marinated chicken chashu and gobou (burdock) as toppings. It was magnificent.

After work, it was time for some tacos!

And time to just lay out and chill.

Get groomed.

And seek comfort from the assistant.

Thanks for dinner bro and sis!


4 Replies to “Originality…”

  1. I want to see that first bowl with a raw egg broken smack dab in the middle. Then you can call it Tokushima-style!

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