Tofu revelation…

Day 440:

While working the lunch shift I decided to try this nama ramen from Ten Ten Yuu that Boom brought back from Kyoto over the break.

So does it look like the picture this time? This creamy chicken blend was smooth and delicious. At least that’s what I could tell from the first two bites. A few customers came in and my third bite came 15 min later. By that time it was lukewarm, but I still ate it.

After work I was craving some sundubu for dinner so the assistant and I decided to check out a Korean Restaurant called RaaTan (らーたん) in Sasazuka.

By pure coincidence they sat me down next to this sign. Sundubu Tsukemen!!

So as you would expect, after some samgyeopsal it was time for…

Sundubu Tsukemen!!!! You wouldn’t believe how excited I was after trying this. Hopefully by seeing this, all my favorite Korean restaurants back home will start to do something similar.

This was ingenious. I can’t look at this picture for too long because it starts to make me drool.

Fusion is fantastic!

“The circle of life…is just a bunch of triangles.”

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