Day 441:

Still dreaming of the tsukemen from last night, I almost thought about eating something other than ramen for lunch. Luckily, like all good assistants do, she snapped me out of it. Bokusei (麺や ぼくせい) once marked the beginning of the boom…

And I’ve always wanted to go back for a second visit to try the Umakara Moyashi Ramen (旨辛もやしラーメン).

Good and spicy!

But I like their sweet shoyu better.

Back at work it was time for some Tondaku Garlic Soba–my 31st bowl of the year.


Thanks Nobo!

3 Replies to “Fun~yuns…”

  1. hahaha. please bring more cinnamon toast crunch! 😀 next time call me beforehand and I'll make sure we are open and i am there!

  2. I am NOT bringing Funyuns when I return to Tokyo (LOL). But I definitely want to stop by for a bowl and maybe I can make it when (1) you are there and (2) when you are open.

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