Day 442:

It’s not everyday that I find a restaurant like this. And if it wasn’t for the assistant’s grandma, who spent 20+ years working here, I would never have known about Fuumin (ふーみん) and their outstanding food, including ramen. The owner of Fuumin is none other than Fuumi Sai (斎風瑞), a well respected chef, author, and tv personality. If there was one word to describe her, it would be genious. It would be a dream to learn from her.

The assistant raves about Fuumin’s Motsuni Ramen, a sappari-kei ramen topped with a mixture of pork offal and fresh vegetables with a spicy citrus-y kick.

Don’t have the guts to try it? Well you should. You won’t regret it.

The noodles are probably the only thing outsourced among the entire menu (everything else is made completely from scratch), but don’t let that deter you. This ramen is amazing!

And the Kaisen Gyoza were the perfect accompaniment.


Ahhh Annindofu.

Back at my apartment…

assistant: I’m getting hungry.
me: okay what should we go eat tonight?
assistant: ramen
me: hahah
assistant: take me to Ivan Ramen.
me: as you wish.

So there we were…

And since we were here, I decided to call up Kimura-san to join us.

Ahh the memories…

And I had the honor of eating Kurai-san’s last batch of goma-chili tsukemen.


Thank you Ivan.

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