Fresh ideas…

Day 444:

So there’s this bread shop. I’m not exactly sure where it is, but they have some really good sandwiches and pastries. If you must know where it is, you’ll have to ask my assistant.

Anyway, we’ve been experimenting with new ideas for new menu items at Bassanova. This is a Tai dashi (sea bream) blended with our tonkotsu soup. It’s a bit on the fishy side but it is very smooth and creamy.

Homemade gyoza! These were actually made by a friend of mine. Thanks!

It’s always nice getting edible gifts. Especially in the form of Baum Kuchen.

I also experimented with a chicken soup and dashi blend that surprisingly tasted a lot like Okinawa Soba.

Why..thank you!

And thank you fans!

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