The mystery of T1…

Day 445:

The last time I went to Yajirushi (やじるし) I ordered the Cheese Wasabi Ramen and was very impressed. And although I don’t like to go here because the owner is a douchebag (I don’t think I’ve used that word since high school), my intended destination was closed.

The Shio Ramen here is good, but how is it with extra negi? Only slightly better. This Shio Negi Ramen has some type of dressing sprinkled on top of the negi but it doesn’t change the flavor of the shio too much.

The noodles (still homemade) have apparently been changed to a slightly thicker and wavier type. I definitely like these better than the last.

Back at Bassanova I continued to experiment with some new flavors. I tried making this shoyu tonkotsu tsukemen and it came out tasting like roast beef. Kind of like dipping a french dip in au jus. Perhaps because I based the tare on the shoyu we use for our chashu. Anyway, I liked it.

Okay, so there’s this weird mystery of people only falling asleep at the first table (T1, as we call it) in the seat nearest to our ticket machine. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’ve never seen anyone fall asleep in any other seat. So if you ever feel like taking a nap at Bassanova, this is the seat to do it in. haha.


Thanks mum!

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