Tunnel vision…

Day 448:

After another visit with my doctor to cure my annoying shoulder pain, I had just enough time to grab a bowl from Goukai (らーめん屋 豪快).

For the first time I went with the thin noodle option and this is what I learned: Don’t go with the thin noodle option. Haha. Although the ramen will still satisfy, the teuchi noodles taste more natural.

While walking to work, I found this secret tunnel. I guess not using a bike has some perks.

Konekuri Futomen.

Feel free to ask for it too.

Atsumi-kun came in for a bite to eat and after spending a few minutes talking to the assistant about wine, he brought us all a glass from next door.

He really came to see Shuga…too bad it was his day off. ahaha.

3 Replies to “Tunnel vision…”

  1. Mind your Head as you pass through the tunnel! I can't read Japanese, but I imagine the writing on the pipe say's something to that effect, or atleast it should.

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