Field trip…

Day 449:

Every fourth Tuesday of the month, the staff at Bassanova gets a day off. So what does that mean? Ramen field trip!! At the Raumen Museum!!! Unfortunately, not everyone could make it. But with Kimura-san and the assistant on hand, Shuga and I were ready to rumble.

So…where shall we start?

How about a little Ganjya (頑者)…puff, puff, pass.

Ganjya hails from Kawagoe in Saitama and is the newest member of the ramen museum.

Their tsukemen is similar to the likes of all the other popular gyokai-tonkotsu shops that have been invading the scene.

But perhaps Ganjya adds a little something extra.

The spicy tsukemen by far was the better of the two.

Next up was Ryushanhai (龍上海).

Yeah, there must have been a little something extra.

Against the advice of others, I decided to go for a full bowl. After all, Ryushanhai deserves the full treatment.


Ramen fork? I don’t get it.

With the assistant taking advantage of the 30-min nomihodai and Shuga calling it quits, Kimura-san and I went to grab one more bowl (for Kimura-san that is) at Sakamoto (中華そば 坂本).

Sakamoto’s deep chicken-based shoyu ramen is soulful.

Even after two bowls it still delights.

Like Kimura-san, I probably should have stopped at three, but stupid me just doesn’t know when to quit. Kids, don’t try this at home. A trip to the ramen museum without stopping at Ramen No Eki (らーめんの駅) is just implausible.

Not just cuz of their ramen, but because of their beer! Sapporo Classic can usually only be bought in Hokkaido. Man was that refreshing!

To change things up, I went with the shio ramen and not their traditional miso. Note to self: Don’t change things up.

The newest attraction within the gift shop is this make-your-own-box-of-ramen section. You choose the base, the soup, the oil, the noodles and voila, your own custom box of ramen. You can even get your picture on the box itself.

But we decided to skip that and go for the cheaper purikura. Okay, time to go!


With yakitori from Katsu

And a nice “Japanese-style” pizza.

Boom was racing around third…

And sliding into home.


3 Replies to “Field trip…”

  1. @Dena: really? what show? yes you should try to go someday.

    @MRatito: haha yes livers and yes my workouts are grueling but i haven't been able to workout all year yet cuz of my shoulder and i think i'm starting to feel the effects.

  2. 4 bowls of ramen, yakitori (are those livers on the right?), pizza and beer?????? How is it you're not fat? Maybe you should start an exercize blog, your workouts must be grueling!

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