Day 450:

I got an iPhone. Surprisingly it’s a lot cheaper than my prepaid phone. Oh how it feels good to be back in the world of smart phones. But oh how complicated it was to get it being a foreigner and all. Thank you assistant!

Time for some beef!




Kalbi Ramen! I love how almost all restaurants have a version of ramen.

These fusion bowls always make for good research.


Ishiyaki Bimbimbap!

Oh man I think I ate too much. 相変わらず。

4 Replies to “iBeef…”

  1. @Daizo: the ramen was great. i'll take u next time.

    @heller66: thanks dude. i'll have to check it out sometime.

    @Ri: awesome! so u live in Kyushu? let me know where u go.

  2. ……I am so hungry right now.

    All of it looks AMAZING!!! (゚Д゚≡)

    Which, incidentally reminds me… it's been a while since I last had some ramen. And I live in the home of tonkotsu ramen. Shame on me! ^^; I'll have to get some this week – your blog inspired me, thanks!

  3. I actually saw your post of the soondubu ramen and was inspired to try the spiritually similar 辛口牛テールつけ麺 at Toraji . . . it was really good! Highly recommended.

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