Just fuumin’ around…

Day 453:

I was lacking sleep, but I wasn’t about to pass up another invitation to Fuumin. Heck, I can just take a nap later (or so I thought). Anyway, I was back in Omotesando once again experiencing the magic of Fuumi Sai (斎風瑞). And getting stuffed!

The negi wontons (above) and the tarako tofu (below) are Fuumin classics.

The motsuni ramen is a gem.

But I came to try something new…the Gomoku Umani Ramen.


Natto chahan!


Strawberry Jam Tsukesoba?

Hahaha, I’m such a dork. Btw, I never got to take that nap. And I got the lunch shift tomorrow…

4 Replies to “Just fuumin’ around…”

  1. haha. i just took some strawberry jam and mixed it with some fish powder, onion oil, our tare, and added some tonkotsu soup. it sounds bad but it actually wasn't that bad. 😉

  2. This strwberry jam tsukesoba needs more description…..When you posted it on FB, I was intrigued. I must know more.

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