Aleisha McCormack…

Day 454:

A couple days ago, a young couple from Melbourne named Aleisha and Rich came into Bassanova to try our green curry ramen (pictured below is another experimental ramen). After striking up a brief conversation and introducing myself as the guy with that ramen blog, Aleisha became fascinated with my story. So as they were about to leave, she turns to me and asks if she could do a story on me. Apparently she is a writer and thought my story would be a interesting way to introduce ramen to the people of Australia.

In any case, they came back today to take pictures and interview me. It was great. And after doing a little research for myself, it turns out that Aleisha is none other than Aleisha McCormack, “a talented writer, performer, comedian and producer with a growing reputation in TV, radio and live performance.” Dude, she’s interviewed the cast of Glee! Anyway, I just wanted to thank both Aleisha (always doing her best) and Rich for coming in and I wish them the best of luck in living out their dreams.

Now for some gyoza.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that my bike got stolen AGAIN last night from right in front of Bassanova. Scandalous!!

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