Kick, push, coast…

Day 456:

Don’t worry those aren’t my xrays, but damn that looks like it hurts! After a quick visit with my doc about my shoulder, it was time to go get my new wheels!

Bounce, rock, skate!!

Time for some ramen! After buying my new skateboard and needing a bowl, I stumbled upon Ramen Satou (らーめん 佐とう) in Shibuya.

If I had done my research and known that this was an Iekei shop, I may not have entered.

But I have to admit that this was a pretty darn good bowl of Iekei.

A little on the heavy side, but I still had enough room in my stomach for…

Uoshin (魚真)!

The assistant was on a hunt for some fresh raw oysters and I’d say she found them. I can’t remember the last time I had raw oysters that tasted this good.

Or razor clams…

When one of the waiters saw me taking pictures of the razor clam, he grabbed a live mategai (as they are called in Japanese) and set it in front of me. They are some gross looking creatures.

Ikura! This place rocks!

The night was still young so we decided to head to Bassanova for more negi-meshi’s…lol.

Atsumi-kun stopped by with his boss and bought us a few drinks.

Then Jake-san came to share some new concoctions.

Like this special salt that he made. Btw, Jake-san says he’s coming with me whenever I decide to open up my own ramen shop back in LA. haha.

Time to compile some signage.


Cayenne pepper infused Tondaku Soba.

Happy birthday dad!

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