Day 458:

I needed to pay Jake-san a visit.

Cuz I was mad craving his kabayaki yabayaki-don. We’ve all agreed to change it’s name because it is just that ヤバイ! haha.

One of the few items I haven’t tried yet was the Shio Abura Soba.

If you’re looking for a soupless noodle this is one that won’t disappoint.

The Okinawan influence is apparent and half way through Jake-san sprinkled on some shima-togarashi juice that gave it an extra spicy kick. Wow.

Back at work, I ate another bowl of wadashi with some added shoyu.

Oh, did I tell you we hired someone new?  Meet Ishida-san. He answered our call when we posted a job-opening recently. Coincidentally, he used to work at Ivan Ramen Plus (hope Ivan doesn’t think we stole him). Today was my first time meeting Ishida-san and he is already way better than the last guy we hired.

Shuga! こっち見て! ahahaha.

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